As a MagneticRC client, our goal is to supply you with superstars you need as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

We offer an Out of Hours Service’, so if you get to Friday evening, Saturday morning or even a Sunday night and need creative resource, we can help out very quickly. Just call on the mobile – 07960 869560 – and we will aim to fill your booking within your deadline.

Fast and efficient service
For all bookings if we can’t help you with absolutely the right match of freelancer, we will advise you within 30 minutes of receiving your call or email. Bookings are usually filled under 10 minutes or in the rare event that we don’t present a name, we will quickly let you know our progress at regular intervals.

Loyal and experienced freelancers
We have freelancers who have worked with us for the last 20 years and who are almost part of the office furniture! As a result, we are confident in the skill level and personality of the people we are sending in to work with you.

Careful vetting
New candidates are closely vetted and assessed for our pool too. We know what we are looking for in a professional freelancer.

In a new relationship with you, we will always send a tried and tested candidate while we get to know each other well and grow in understanding of your week to week requirements.