We work with a great portfolio of clients; some of whom we’ve known for years. The cross section of places where you are likely to work, will add to your experience and enhance your CV.

Our clients include some of the largest global corporates, funky design houses and award winning ad agencies. We have good relationships with all sizes of organisations, so you will have access to a wide variety of companies.

Above: Bonnie, MagneticRC’s mascot, welcomes freelancers and clients alike


As a Magnetic freelancer we offer you a professional service:

• Weekly contact
• We always have your best interests at heart and will represent you, should you need any issues resolved on site (in the rare event that this might happen)
• You are always paid on time and without payroll mistakes
• We always offer constructive, honest and helpful feedback: as a freelancer you can sometimes feel isolated. We are committed to assisting your personal development
• We always brief you thoroughly for a booking including: directions, dress code, company culture and rate
• We always visit our clients old and new so we understand what it is like to work there

Finally, we always ask your permission to send out your CV as we believe in checking that you would be happy for your information to go to a specific client; so no embarrassing misunderstandings about Right of Introduction.